Frequently Asked Questions About a Candle Business From Home

If you’ve been involved in a business from home before, or Network Marketing, you may have an idea of what you want and expect from your sponsor. These are the most common questions to starting a Candle Business and is geared more toward Direct Sales and Network Marketing Candle Companies.

Q. What is the best way to be successful in a candle business?

A. Statistics prove that the most important thing is create a 30 day success story and make money right away. Because candles are a retail oriented business (meaning a product line that allows you to create immediate cash) the Party Style of business building is the best way to start and sustain your business. Learn more about successful Parties in the Little Black Book of Secrets!!!

You’ll earn your candle business investment back
You’ll have extra cash above and beyond your candle kit
You’ll know that the business works and YOU can do it
You’ll have a few team partners who also want to work the business

Q. What if I don’t want to do Party Style?

A. What’s important to you in a business? How much are you looking to earn? How do you see yourself having fun and making money? Do you want to follow a proven formula?

That’s the first thing to figure out along with how you want to work the business.

There are usually two things to create income in a candle business – retail the candles and sponsor others who do the same thing.

Get on the fast track to success in the area that interests you most.

Q. There are many candle companies out there, how do I choose a good one?

A. Do your research carefully. I would not personally join a company that is not a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and adheres to their strict code of ethics, designed to protect YOU as a distributor.

If you are looking at one that is not, ask WHY NOT? I built a million dollar business with a candle company that was NOT a member, and when times got tough during the recession, they started moving around my downline and stopped paying me on the biggest part of my volume. Companies who do this can never get into the DSA.

Choose wisely. Don’t make my same mistake. I moved on, and now I am committed to only working with DSA companies!

Q. How much will it cost me to get started?

A. The answer to that really lies in how serious you are and how much you want to make in what amount of time. Check all of the options available.

Q. How much money can I make in a candle business?

A. That depends on you entirely. I made over $1000 my first month. How? I followed a plan and system I now teach and retailed the product, did a few parties and sponsored others into my business. What are your goals with your candle business?

Q. How soon will I make money?

A. Again, that depends on you. Many people make money their very first day by just calling a few friends and letting them simply smell the candles. The question really is “How much do you want to make your first month?”

Q. How do I get started?

A. First, be sure you are committed to wanting more in your life and working with a team committed to getting more! Set your goals and your business plan. I teach a Home Business Mastery Concept Here.

Q. How do I build my business?

A. Success in Direct Sales involves having a system that will work for anyone – the part timer, full timer, those who love to recruit others and those who don’t. The key to building your business is to find what works best for you, put your nose to the grindstone and focus forward. My training will teach you how to find what will work for you.

The best way to start and create success is the Party Style Platform. This creates immediate income for you, $500-$2000 a month, and helps you find others who want to work alongside you!

When I started in my candle business, I retailed the candles and made immediate cash. And, I talked to people along the way about the business. I sponsored a few, and began to teach them to do the same thing. This is how I built my foundation.

Once I got my feet wet and knew what I had my hands on, I put my efforts into team building and sponsoring others.

When I changed companies, I followed the same principles, and used a specific system.

So, now, my primary focus, “team building.” This is where the big money is made in a Direct Sales- Network Marketing Business. Don’t let this scare you. I have over 19 years in the industry and it works!

Q. Can I build my business online?

A. YES, if that is what you want! That is my passion, and what I know is that for you to be successful online, you must complete phase 1 first, which is and notifying your warm market, Your Business Launch and getting some success under your belt. This is to ensure your success.

Successfully building a candle business online requires a personal website. I’ve developed a training guide to walk you through it. More details here.

Q. What if I only have 10 – 15 hours a week to work my business?

A. It’s not quantity of time that matters, it’s quality of time. 10 to 15 is really the bare minimum to make a business successful. Reading email, reading books and studying the website can seem like business time, but it won’t produce one red cent for you. So, as long as you are willing to make that 10-15 hours productive, focused time, you can have a successful business. And, I’ll teach you how to do that!

Q. I don’t want to talk to people I know, can I still be successful with this business?

A. Yes, you can. And, it takes a much longer time, just to be honest. You’ll need to know that you may not make any money your first 6 months or longer. You may think you don’t want to talk to them because you have been involved in something before, but I do assure you – candles, cards and gifts are different.

Although I encourage you to at least let your friends, family and others know about your new business and let them experience your product. You do not have to tell them about the business side, or even ask them to buy anything. Simply tell them what you are doing and ask if they have any ideas. Personally, I believe sharing the products with friends and family is the fastest way to launch and succeed in a business.

My experiences have shown that most people who refuse to notify their warm market usually don’t last in the business for more than a few months. Facts show us that one needs to be making some money and developing proof that the business works in order to stick.

Your warm market contacts are the ones most likely to try your products and listen to the details about the business opportunity. We aren’t trying to convince them, we are just notifying and sharing details on what we are doing.

Q. My spouse does not support me, can I still build a successful business?

A. Yes, in most cases. If your spouse is adamantly opposed to your business, you may want to really think things out. However, if your spouse is just skeptical, and does not want any personal involvement, that’s okay. It will be important that you make good use of your available time and resources and keep your “why” for doing this business planted firmly in front of you.

Speak to your spouse and simply ask him/her to please support you to the extent that he/she respects your decision, does not belittle you, and set up some guidelines that you are both comfortable with for business hours, etc. And, then make sure you respect these guidelines.

Make it a point to earn a profit as quickly as possible and keep it growing. This usually changes the spouse from skeptical to okay, to down right excited.

Q. I have been in Direct Sales before and have not had success. Why will this program work for me?

A. I can’t promise you that it will work for you, but the past does not equal the future, especially when you are committed. First, what reasons do you believe were the cause of your previous lack of success? What will you do differently? How committed are you to achieving what you say you want? Are you coachable? Are you willing to work closely with me and follow a system for success?

I was not an immediate success in Direct Sales, so I can likely relate to much of what you may have experienced. I learned to work through a lot of my obstacles and would love to help you do the same.

If you get clear on what you do want, let go of the past, and focus forward, your past will not dictate your future.

Q. I have small children, can I still build a business?

A. My son was 18 months when I started my business in January, 1994, and my daughter was born in May, 1995. You do the math. Can you build your business with small children? ABSOLUTELY! My son once wrote a report at school about how proud he is of his mom and her business. That was worth more than any paycheck. Use your children to empower you in your business, not as an excuse not to build a business. I will teach you how to get them involved.

My daughter Lexi has traveled to many conventions and even spoken on stage. I love developing that entrepreneurial spirit at such a young age.

You can find more training and resources on my Network Marketing Blog, or learn more about working with me in my primary company here – WorkWithJackie.com